2013 – University of Copenhagen


Kowa Chen, PhD
“Microarray Glycoprofiling of Cancer Biomarkers to Improve Specificity”
October 7, 2013 2pm, Mini Aud. 29.01.30
PhD supervisors: Ola Blixt, Henrik Clausen, Ulla Mandel

Caroline Madsen, PhD
"Glycosylation and cancer immunotherapy"
February 7, 14 - 2013, Hannover Aud.
Faculty supervisor: Hans Wandall, Project supervisor: Anders Elm Pedersen

Stjepan Kresimir Kracun, PhD 
"Combinatorial O-glycopeptide bead libraries for seromic biomarker discovery"
January 25, 2013 
PhD supervisors:professor Henrik Clausen and research associate professor Ola Blixt