2015 – University of Copenhagen


Diana Campos, PhD 
A glycoproteomics discovery strategy for gastric cancer biomarkers”, 
October 16 in Porto, Portugal
Co-Supervisor: Henrik Clausen

Rita Pinto, PhD
"CDX2 homeobox gene in cancer glycoproteome regulation." 
June 2nd 2015, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Supervisor: Leonor David, IPATIMUP, Portugal
Co-Supervisor: Eric P. Bennett

Thomas Daugbjerg Madsen, BSc
Characterization of the human low molecular weight O-glycoproteome.
Wed. June 24 2015, FC 16.6.35

Mathias Ingemann Nielsen, BSc
Probing galectin specificity and function using glycoengineered cells
Friday June 26, not public