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Raise awareness

As a national front runner within the disciplines of functional glycomics, glycoproteomics and genetic engineering, CCG aims to ignite and continuously feed the public interest in the field of glycoscience by providing expertise and instruction, news, opinions and perspective on all scientific levels.

Interdisciplinary synergy & knowledge-sharing

CCG’s research is disseminated to the scientific community via international, peer-reviewed publications and via conferences, symposia and invited talks. Furthermore, an extensive collaborative network has been established to facilitate interdisciplinary synergy, and CCG is hosting and contributing to a considerable number of educational activities to promote scientific networking, knowledge-sharing and debate.

Public outreach

CCG is continuously making initiatives to foster interactions with the industry and the greater community in Denmark and abroad, for example via TV and radio interviews, by publishing commentaries on scientific websites and engaging in direct dialogue with clinicians, high school students and people with general scientific interest.